Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 1

Scene 2

King: Even though my brother Hamlet is dead, I am very sorrowful. We should all grieve in his passing. The queen has now taken my hand in marriage, and we thank you all for accepting such a hasty marriage. Now the Young Fortinbras, who does not favor us very much, may dream that our state is falling apart because of the king's recent death. This is the reason for such a quick marriage to the widowed queen. He has not let us forget about the recent loss of his land with all the messages he has sent us. We have written a message to the uncle of Fortinbras, who is old and sick, hasn't heard of his nephew's plan. The message tells him to stop Fortinbras' intentions. Cornelius and Voltimand, I give you this letter to deliver to the king of Norway. I only give you permission to do this. Don't do anything else. Goodbye, and hurry; the quicker you are the more loyal you are to me.
Cornelius & Voltimand: Okay, we'll go.
King: I believe you. Well, Laertes, what do you want? I give you permission to speak.
Laertes: I would like to go back to France. I have done my duty here and wish to return to my country. May I have your permission to leave?
King: What do you think of this, Polonius?
Polonius: Yes, I give him my permission. Please allow him to leave.
King: You can leave Laertes. Do as you please. Carpe diem! And now Hamlet, my son-
Hamlet: We may be related, but no one said I have to like you.
King: Why are you still gloomy?
Hamlet: Oh no, my lord; I am very happy.
Queen: Hamlet, please get rid of your gloominess. Open your eyes and look beyond your Father's death. You know all that lives must die.
Hamlet: Yes, you're right.
Queen: If you know this, then why do you seem so upset?
Hamlet: I do not seem upset I am upset.
King: It's nice of you to mourn your father. Everybody loses a father, but to mourn the way you do is unmanly and ungodly. You're acting like a moron in showing this much grief. Everyone will eventually die. It's a fault to heaven. I love you as a son and you know you are next in line to be king. To go back to Wittenberg would be against our will. Will you stay with us? Please stay with us, Hamlet, our most beloved and favorite son.
Queen: I'm praying you will stay Hamlet. Please do as I say.
Hamlet: Okay, I'll stay.
King: That was a very loving reply. Be like us in Denmark; we are happy of your stay. Let us leave now.
Hamlet: I want to melt away into nothing. Why have you, God, made it a law to commit suicide? There seems to be no hope in this world. Darn, oh darn! This evil will spread if it isn't destroyed immediately. My father's been dead only two months! No, not even two: my father was such an excellent king. My father is like a god and my uncle a child. And my mother. My father would do anything for my mother. Why should I remember? She would hang on him, and the more she hugged and kissed, the more she wanted to hug and kiss him. That frailty- it's a woman! How can she wear the same clothes to my father's funeral that she did to her own wedding? Like Niobe, all the tears she shed, why didn't my mother grieve a little longer? My uncle is not more my father than Hercules is my father. The salt of fake tears still on her face and swollen eyes, she married. And in the most wicked speed! Nothing good comes from evil. My heart is breaking, but I can't tell anyone.
Horatio: Hello, Hamlet.
Hamlet: I almost forgot what you look like you've been gone so long.
Horatio: I feel the same. I will always be loyal to you.
Hamlet: No, no. I'll be your helper. What's happening in Wittenberg? Hello, Marcellus.
Marcellus: Hey, Hamlet.
Hamlet: I am very glad to see you. Good evening, sir. Why are you here?
Horatio: We're skipping school.
Hamlet: That's not why you're here. Don't lie to me when I know your not skipping. What are you really here for? By the way, later on we can celebrate.
Horatio: We came to see your father's funeral, Hamlet.
Hamlet: Don't mock me. You came to see my mother's wedding.
Horatio: It did come quite quickly.
Hamlet: They used the same money on the wedding and the funeral! I thought pigs would fly before my mother remarried! I think I see my father.
Horatio: Where, Hamlet?
Hamlet: Only in my mind.
Horatio: I met him once. He is a very nice man.
Hamlet: Yes, just a man, but I won't meet a man like him again.
Horatio: Hamlet, I think I saw him last night.
Hamlet: Saw? Who?
Horatio: Hamlet, the king your father.
Hamlet: My father?
Horatio: Chill for a second, Hamlet, and let me explain what these gentlemen saw.
Hamlet: Hurry let me hear.
Horatio: For two nights at the middle of the night, we saw a figure your father in a complete suit of armor. He has walked in front of us three times. These men were very surprised and so scared they could not speak. They told me in secret, and on the third night I watched with them. They were correct. I saw the ghost. It was your father.
Hamlet: Where was this?
Marcellus: On the platform where we watched.
Hamlet: Did you speak to it?
Horatio: I did; it didn't answer. It started to speak, but the cock crowed and he disappeared.
Hamlet: That's very strange.
Horatio: It is very true and we thought it was our duty to tell you.
Hamlet: Yes, you should, but this troubles me. Do you watch tonight?
Marcellus & Bernardo: Yes, we do.
Hamlet: Was he armed?
Marcellus & Bernardo: Yes, he was armed.
Hamlet: From head to toe?
Marcellus & Bernardo: Yes, from head to toe.
Hamlet: Well, did you see his face?
Horatio: Yes, Hamlet, he wore his beaver up.
Hamlet: Was he angry?
Horatio: His face was sad rather than angry.
Hamlet: Pale or red-faced?
Horatio: Pale, very pale.
Hamlet: Did he fix his eyes upon you?
Horatio: Most of the time.
Hamlet: I should have been there.
Horatio: You would have been amazed.
Hamlet: Yes, I would have. How long did it stay?
Horatio: It stayed about 100 seconds.
Marcellus & Bernardo: Longer, longer.
Horatio: Not as I saw it.
Hamlet: Was his beard gray?
Horatio: Just as it was in real life. A very salt and pepper color.
Hamlet: I will watch tonight, and maybe it will walk again.
Horatio: I'm sure it will.
Hamlet: If it is my father's shape, I will speak to it. If you have told no one of this, continue to hold your silence. I will meet you on this platform at 11:00 P.M. or 12:00 midnight.
All: Our duty is to you.
Hamlet: Good night until then. My father's spirit - in armor! Something is not right in Denmark. I sense foul play. Someone will slip-up and create another foul deed and I will catch him.