Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 4

Scene 7

King: Since I have told you that Hamlet killed your father, you must do as I say.
Laertes: It seems so. Why haven't you done anything about it?
King: Well, for two reasons: the queen loves him and I love his mother, and the citizens love him.
Laertes: So I have lost a father, and my sister is crazy. I will have my revenge.
King: Don't think that I'll take this lightly. You will hear more soon. I loved your father, and I love myself. I hope that this will let you think that- What is this? News?
Messenger: Letter from Hamlet: this one is for you, and this one is for the queen.
King: From Hamlet! Who brought them?
Messenger: Sailors, but I haven't seen them. I got them from Claudio; he got them from Hamlet.
King: Laertes, you can listen.- Leave us. 

'To your majesty, I am in your kingdom,  but I don't have anything that belongs to me.  I hope that I will see you tomorrow and I'll  tell you all about my journey.

What does this mean? Are the others coming to? This better not be a hoax.
Laertes: Do you recognize the handwriting?
King: It's typical of Hamlet. 'Naked!' He says he is alone. Will you listen to my advise?
Laertes: I'm upset by it, but let him come. I'm hoping on saying 'This is you death' in his face.
King: Okay. I know you love your father so much that you will do what I say.
Laertes: Yes, and I hope you don't try to make peace between us.
King: I won't make peace between you. If he does return, we will kill him and call it an accident.
Laertes: Okay, I'll be part of it if you devise the plan.
King: There has been a lot of talk about your skill.
Laertes: What are you getting to?
King: To a youthful folly, but it is necessary. Two months ago a young man from Normandy fought here and was marvelous.
Laertes: He was a Norman?
King: A Norman.
Laertes: It was Lamord.
King: The same guy.
Laertes: I know him. He's the best of the best.
King: He knows that no one can beat you in a dual. Hamlet heard this and he wanted to fight you.
Laertes: The point being...
King: Laertes, did you love your father?
Laertes: Why do you ask that?
King: I know that you love your father and want to revenge his death. Would you really like to do it or do you just want to say you did?
Laertes: I want to slit his throat in the church.
King: You can't kill him there. Stay in your chamber  and Hamlet will know you are home. You will challenge him to a dual and kill him there.
Laertes: I'll do it, and I will dip my sword in poison so strong that if I just scratch him, he will be dead.
King: Let's think what to do. I have it! When Hamlet's thirsty, I will poison a drink of wine to ensure his death. What is that noise? What's wrong, my queen?
Queen: When one follows how fast another one does. You sister, Ophelia, drowned.
Laertes: Drowned? Where?
Queen: She was sitting on a branch of a willow tree when it broke and fell into the water where she drowned.
Laertes: She has drowned?
Queen: Drowned.
Laertes: Poor Ophelia, you drowned, but for that I won't cry. Good bye.
King: Let's follow him, Gertrude. I did so much to calm him down. I think he might strike again.