Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 1

Scene 5

Hamlet: Where are you going? Speak; I'll go no further.
Ghost: Mark me.
Hamlet: I will.
Ghost: It's almost time for me to return to Purgatory.
Hamlet: Alas, poor ghost!
Ghost: Don't pity me, but listen to what I have to say.
Hamlet: Speak; I'm ready to listen.
Ghost: So art thou to revenge, when thou shall hear.
Hamlet: What?
Ghost: I am your father's spirit, doomed for a certain period to walk the night, and for the day confined at a post in Hell. I am a ghost until my deeds are made right. I cannot tell you why I am a ghost, but I can tell you a story. If you love me, you will avenge my death.
Hamlet: O God!
Ghost: Revenge his foul and unnatural murder.
Hamlet: Murder!
Ghost: Murder most foul, strange, and unnatural.
Hamlet: Tell me quickly so I can avenge your father's death.
Ghost: I find you ready. Don't forget what I'm about to tell you. This is how the story goes: I was sleeping in my orchard and was bitten by a snake. The serpent that took my father's life now wears my crown.
Hamlet: O my prophetic soul! My uncle!
Ghost: He seduced my wife. I really loved her and upset me dearly. She fell in love with my brother who gave here gifts, but my gifts were way better than his. She was virtuous, and she fell out of my bed into his and became garbage. I must hurry; I sense morning is near. Sleeping in my orchard, like I always do in the afternoon, my brother stole juice of cursed hebenon in a vase, and poured it down my ear. The effect was almost instant; my skin became blotched with sores and my blood turned sour. By his crime, I was not given my last rights. With all my imperfections upon my head, I was sent to Purgatory. O horrible, most horrible! If you get the urge to kill your mother at any time don't; let God sort her out. Whatever you do, don't let them sleep together. I urge you to avenge my death. It is nearly dawn. I must leave.
Hamlet: Okay, I have seen heaven and earth; am I seeing hell? Inner strength, hold me up. I am remembering only the things the ghost has told me. I will keep this information to myself and will separate it from all the other information I know. So, Uncle, there you are. Now to my word: it is 'Adieu, adieu! and remember me.' I have sworn it.
Horatio & Marcellus: Hamlet, Hamlet!
Marcellus: Lord Hamlet!
Horatio: Heavens secure him!
Hamlet: So be it!
Marcellus: Illo, ho, ho, my lord!
Hamlet: Hillo, ho, ho, boy! Come, bird, come.
Marcellus: How are you, Hamlet?
Horatio: What happened between you and the ghost?
Hamlet: Wonderful news!
Horatio: Good. Tell it.
Hamlet: No, you will reveal it.
Horatio: Not I, my lord, by heaven.
Marcellus: Nor I, my lord.
Hamlet: How can I trust you?
Horatio & Marcellus: Yes, by heaven, my lord.
Hamlet: There's a villain in Denmark but he is an arrant knave.
Horatio: It doesn't need a ghost to tell us that.
Hamlet: Well, you are right. Goodbye. Go do your business and I'll go pray.
Horatio: These are wild and whirling words, Hamlet.
Hamlet: I'm sorry they offend you.
Horatio: There's no offense, my lord.
Hamlet: Yes, there is much offense. Having spoken to the ghost, I know he is honest. I know what he said and that's for me to know and for you to find out. Give me one request.
Horatio: What is it, my lord? We will.
Hamlet: Don't tell anyone of the ghost you have seen.
Horatio & Marcellus: We will not.
Hamlet: True, but swear to it.
Horatio: In faith, I can't.
Marcellus: Neither can I, Hamlet, by faith.
Hamlet: Swear upon my sword.
Marcellus: We have already sworn, Hamlet.
Hamlet: Then it won't hurt to swear upon my sword.
Ghost: Swear.
Hamlet: Well, are we trustworthy?
Horatio: Propose the oath, Hamlet.
Hamlet: Never to speak of this that you have seen, swear by my sword.
Ghost: Swear.
Hamlet: Here and everywhere? Then we'll move over there. Come here, men, and lay your hands upon my sword.
Ghost: Swear.
Hamlet: Well said, old man! How fast can you work? Let's move! Hurry!
Horatio: O day and night, but this is very strange!
Hamlet: It is strange, and I welcome that. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. I will act crazy the next couple of days, and if you see me, play along. Don't tell anyone I am acting and say I'm crazy.
Ghost: Swear.
Hamlet: Rest, rest, perturbed spirit! We are all friends and have sworn to my sword. Do not break that swear. Now let us leave.