Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 4

Scene 3

King: I have sent men to find Hamlet and the body. We will not punish him because everyone loves him. We can't do much to Hamlet. What have you found out, Rosencrantz?
Rosencrantz: He will not tell us where it is.
King: Where is he?
Rosencrantz: Outside with a guard waiting on you.
King: Bring him in.
Rosencrantz: Bring him in, Guildenstern!
King: Hamlet, where is Polonius?
Hamlet: At supper.
King: At supper? Where?
Hamlet: Not where he eats, but where he is eaten by worms. We fatten animals for us to eat, we become fat, we die, and we fatten the worm. To come to it, a fat king is the same as a beggar to a worm.
King: Whatever.
Hamlet: I man may fish with a worm that ate the king, and eat the fish that ate the worm.
King: What does this mean?
Hamlet: Just showing you how a king can go through the guts of a beggar.
King: Where is Polonius?
Hamlet: In heaven; send a messenger to see if he is. If he's not there then find him yourself in the other place. If you can't smell him in a month, try looking in the lobby.
King: Go get the body there.
Hamlet: He will stay until you arrive.
King: For your own safety, we need to send you to England.
Hamlet: To England?
King: Yes.
Hamlet: Good.
King: It is, if you knew your reason for going.
Hamlet: I know what your up to. To England! Good bye, loving Mother.
King: Your loving father, Hamlet.
Hamlet: My mother. Father and mother is man and wife; man and wife is one flesh; so my mother. Let's go to England!
King: Follow him and make sure he is gone tonight. Everything is ready. England, if you have ever loved me, you must help me. Now that we own you, you must. The letters tell you to kill Hamlet. Do it, England. I will not be happy until he is dead.