Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 1

Scene 4

Hamlet: It is very cold out tonight.
Horatio: It is a nipping and eager air.
Hamlet: What time is it?
Horatio: It's almost twelve.
Hamlet: No, it's past.
Horatio: Really? I didn't hear the clock. It nears the time when the ghost walked. What does that explosion mean Hamlet?
Hamlet: The king has had a drinking party and gives a toast. He will drink until he can drink no more.
Horatio: Is it a custom?
Hamlet: Yes, it is a custom. I believe that it is more of a custom for him not to drink. People of other nationalities make fun of Denmark for this. They call us pigs and drunks. Drinking does make a bad influence on us. It is expected for a little drinking to occur, but it takes away from the soul. Since nature cannot choose its origin, we cannot help this. Even a person who has virtues can become bad from one mistake. The dram of evil doth all the noble substance of a doubt, to his own scandal.
Horatio: Look, Hamlet, here comes the ghost!
Hamlet: Lord help us! Are you good or evil; from heaven or hell? Are you really my father? Don't make me talk in ignorance! Answer me! Why have you come back? I saw you buried. What could this mean? Why do you walk the night? Say, why is this? What should we do?
Horatio: He wants to be alone with you.
Marcellus: Don't go with it.
Horatio: By no means, Hamlet.
Hamlet: It will not speak; then I will follow it.
Horatio: Don't Hamlet.
Hamlet: What is the fear? My life is of little value. If it waves again I will follow it.
Horatio: What if it beckons you to the sea and some other form overcomes you and draws you into madness? What if you were over hyper and killed yourself?
Hamlet: It still waves to me- I will follow it.
Marcellus: You may not go, Hamlet.
Hamlet: Let go of me.
Horatio: You are not permitted to go.
Hamlet: This is my fate, and I will be as strong as a lion. I will kill you if you don't let me go.
Horatio: He is too anxious.
Marcellus: Let's follow him; we don't have to listen to him if he doesn't listen to me.
Horatio: What would come if we followed?
Marcellus: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Horatio: Heaven will direct it.
Marcellus: No, let's follow him.