Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 4

Scene 4

Fortinbras: Captain, go and remind the king about our meeting.
Captain: I will.
Fortinbras: Go softly.
Hamlet: Whose army is this?
Captain: They are Norway's.
Hamlet: Why are you here?
Captain: To get some part of Poland.
Hamlet: Who is in charge?
Captain: Fortinbras is in charge.
Hamlet: Are you going for Poland or just a piece?
Captain: What we want is a scrap of land worth only its name. I would not farm it for five ducats. The Polish would never profit from it if they sold it.
Hamlet: Why fight? They will never defend it.
Captain: It is already guarded.
Hamlet: Why should we lose $20,000 and 2,000 souls over worthless land? That's pretty stupid. Thanks for talking to me.
Captain: Same to you.
Rosencrantz: Can we leave now?
Hamlet: I will be right there. Everything is on my con and urges me to revenge my father's death. What good is a man that just eats and sleeps? A beast! God gives us the ability to think for a reason. What is my purpose here? I have a cause ad a will to revenge. Every time I turn around there is another reason to kill Claudius. Here is a reason: this army led by a prince. Leading an army doesn't make men great. It is the small things that count. My father has been murdered, my mother stained, but I have done nothing. Yet I let them march to their graves. My thoughts must only be concentrated on revenge.