Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 3

Scene 4

Polonius: He is coming straight here.  Be very blunt with him.
Hamlet: Mother!
Queen: I wish you luck, do not fear me.  Hide, I hear him coming.
Hamlet: What's the matter, Mom?
Queen: Hamlet, you have offended your father.
Hamlet: You have offended my father.
Queen: Oh, hush, you have no room to talk.
Hamlet: You question with an evil tongue.
Queen: What do you mean?
Hamlet: What is the matter now?
Queen: Have you forgotten me?
Hamlet: No, not by the cross have I forgotten you. You are the queen, your husband's brother's wife. You are my mother.
Queen: No, then I'll tell you who you can and can't talk to.
Hamlet: Be quiet and sit down; you will not move. You may not go until I show you your insides.
Queen: What will you do? Are you going to murder me? Help! Help!
Polonius: Help! Help!
Hamlet: Oh? A rat? Dead for a ducat!
Polonius: I'm dead!
Queen: What have you done?
Hamlet: I don't know. Is it the king?
Queen: This is very bad.
Hamlet: Very bad! Almost as bad as killing the kind and marrying the king's brother.
Queen: Killing a king!
Hamlet: Yeah, that's what I said. You idiot, good-bye. I thought you were better than to get yourself killed.  Sit down and let me kill you. If wicked custom wasn't a bad thing against sense!
Queen: What have I done to make you talk rudely to me?
Hamlet: You have committed a crime so bad that it makes marriage vows worthless.
Queen: Who, me? What act? I have done none of that.
Hamlet: Look at this picture, the happiness of two brothers. King Hamlet is like a god, courageous and hero-like. The other is like a snake. Can you see? Clearly, King Hamlet is better. Can you see? You have lust and not love.
Queen: Stop speaking, Hamlet. I see black spots upon my soul, which won't leave me.
Hamlet: But to live in corruption with sweet-talking and making love in a nasty sty-
Queen: Please speak no more, you hurt my ears! No more, no more.
Hamlet: Being a murderer and a villain is not worth being a king that rules a vast empire, which he stole from his own brother!
Queen: Stop!
Hamlet: A king of shreds and patches- Save me heavenly guards! Are you a heavenly figure.
Queen: He is mad!
Hamlet: Do you want your son to chide? He has done what he has been told to do in time.
Ghost: You are only here for my revenge. Help your mother. Speak to her.
Hamlet: How are you?
Queen: How can you look into nothingness and say something is there? Where are you looking?
Hamlet: On him! Look how he glares at you with his pale face! Do not look upon me  unless you can't see him.
Queen: Who are you speaking to?
Hamlet: Do you see anything?
Queen : There's nothing there.
Hamlet: Did you hear anything?
Queen: No, just us.
Hamlet: Look there! He is walking away! My father, in the same shape as he was in real life. He's walking through the doorway!
Queen: You are imagining this figure.
Hamlet: It  is not madness that drives me to see the figure. Please confess your sins to me and to heaven, in order to avoid what is to come.
Queen: You have hurt me inside.
Hamlet: Good night. Do not sleep with the king. He has the habits of a devil. Do not  be with him tonight. Good night. I know I will be punished for killing this man. Good night. One more thing.
Queen: What is it?
Hamlet: Do not allow the king to lure you back into his bed. Do something better than being around that nasty fool.
Queen: I will listen to you. I have no life to breathe without what you have just told me.
Hamlet: Did you know I was going to England?
Queen: No, I had forgotten, but you still have to go.
Hamlet: There are sealed letters that my friends have. I must trust that my friends will keep me safe. This man will be hard work to move. I will drag him into another room. Goodnight mom, and I hope you will listen to me.