Hamlet Analysis In Modern English

Act 4

Scene 1

King: There is a reason for your sorrow; tell me. We need to discuss this together. Where is your son?
Queen: Leave for a little while. You won't believe what I have seen tonight!
King: What is it? How is Hamlet?
Queen: He has gone mad. He heard something stir from behind the curtain and said, 'A rat! A rat!' and killed Polonius.
King: If I was there, it would have been me. What will happen now? We will pay for this and know about this. We loved Hamlet too much and couldn't release  him from our grasp. Someone with a horrible will keep quiet. Where is he?
Queen: He has taken Polonius's body and is going to get rid of it.
King: We will send him to England first thing tomorrow morning, but we do excuse him. Bring the body to the chapel, and please hurry. We'll get some good friends and tell them all about this. Let's move fast before any rumors begin.